I Help Managers Build Teams of Entrepreneurs. That's right.

Learn how having entrepreneurs on your team can give your company the ability to win by thinking "outside the box."

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You're likely either an employee of a company or an entrepreneur. Maybe, like me, you're both. There's also a high likelihood that even if you don't call yourself an entrepreneur, you think like one.

Entrepreneurs are go-getters. They solve problems. They see the world as full of opportunities ripe for the picking.

This entrepreneurial mindset is an asset to companies. I believe that the 9-to-5 entrepreneur — an employee who thinks like an entrepreneur — is the key for managers who want to push their teams to the next level. Fostering this mindset helps companies grow, solve problems faster, and run more efficiently.

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What Others Say

  • Jake recently spoke to the transitioning military and spouses at Fort Sill, OK via an American Dream U event. He had a powerful message that resinated with the crowd. The audience left with key takeaways that they could take action on immediately. I've worked with over two hundred different speakers over the years, I would definitely recommend Jake!

    Jess Holland Dir. of Bus. Development, American Dream U
  • Jake kicked off our conference by bringing our theme of storytelling to life. Not only did he give our members valuable takeaways for everyday tasks, he inspired us to look inward to identify the makings of our own great stories. Jake's motivational messages aren't exclusive to any one field and the passion he has for what he does is contagious! Don't hesitate in booking him for your next event. I promise your audience will still be talking about it long after it's over!

    Samantha McCain PRSSA, Mississippi

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